1201090112010906 Yesterday, I tried to come back to my office at about 2 p.m.MiyazakiManabu of the fox stands up in front of "Jiro" just near the building with my office, and portable telephone is made.He sees me, and gives me a hand.When I went by the side, carrying was removed, and it said"It waits a little "
 I was remembered.
 "There was such a thing in the front as well."
 It is probably a thing in February.I was drinking in Yanaka's bar "Asano".I do very much, and drink。"Well, let's come back." I walk Yomise Street, and pass Yanaka Ginza, and go to Nippori station.I like to walk in this way.
 It came back soon, but it and I were the minds that one more house was drunk in the "Hatune Street".
 When it is raised and it walks, it is heard why, and the voice of my Mr. Miyazaki can be heard on the way I go to Nippori station from Yanaka Ginza.The voice of Mr. Miyazaki can be heard in such a place to be it.Do because I get drunk?
 I give myself a hand as mentioned above with Mr.Miyazaki telling that a face is turned to the voice by carrying at the stairs of a certain building with thinking.Carrying is removed.

  Oh! is drunk after a long time, and it is it!

A voice is hung.
 Is there building of the bar "Remon" which can be said as the base of the "fox set" here if is said so?
 Though I sometimes come in, too, it is not an atmosphere to come in alone in the very large store.
 Therefore, because it didn't go very much, existence was forgotten, too, and it walked.
 Mr. Miyazaki opens the door of the store.

  "Hi!, a guest!"

 He comes back again for carrying.
 When I come in, wonder! the inside of the store whose is wide is filled with the fox party people concerned.How many people who knew me in my website when I began to drink in this store greet it.I join this store, and fruit doesn't have a memory any more in about 30 minutes.Did I give recitation of a Sigin? (Let's do it.), a war song intended , too.
 If it is what, anyway I have such an encounter with Mr. Miyazaki.When he always makes portable telephone and it meets, a right hand is given to it, and an eye greets him by the smile with me.

 When it is said what they did yesterday in it.

  that Ishihara establishes Ishihara new party.Masuzoe,
 Kakizawa, Hatoyama (younger brother) are put.

 It seems that a meeting in it was being held with this Jiro in the thing.It seems that it was done here in the thing with S who has an office exactly to my building.
 If it says so, S is a wonderful woman.Though I was the one which was only watched on television, it became the one that I sometimes greeted it now in the front.Only, she writes it only with the initials of S because it is a very delicate place now in the "Sankokuzin remark" of Ishihara Sintaro.
 Even if it is made it, administration still wants to do Ishihara Sintaro.A revision of the constitution wants to do it.Then, the thing of the Liberal Democratic Party is still hateful, too.But, a citizen of Tokyo was moved to the footstool after all.
 I told Mr. Miyazaki.

  In the first place, you should have opposed at the time
 of the contour standard taxation to the bank.

 Though there were many remarks that crocodile had a feeling of hatred to Ishihara Sintaro at night in Matsudo independence on May 3 of the junior high school as to the "gathering of the Constitution Day".At the same time"When it goes just like this, because the Kaiken power in the national assembly exceeds 2/3" "It is important to vote absolutely by the next election."Many people remarks came out.Vomit comes out at all.Vomit comes out in Ishihara Sintaro as well.Vomit goes to me in the same way more as a "It goes to the election." result for the big fool of "It votes for both the company people party and the day." as well.They say that it votes for the day together next time though it had applause when Ishihara does it toward the bank.
 Do neither a day nor the company people have that all agreed to Ishihara new tax?
 It is quoted again in the following though it was written to the front in the bulletin board.

 It is written again later after this.(05月20日 10時5分)